Orthodontische tang Orthodontische instrumenten

Orthodontische tang Orthodontische instrumenten
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Orthodontic pliers Orthodontic Instruments


Dental Bracket Remover Plier Orthodontic Instruments         104-0603
Dental Dentist Orthodontic Pliers Distal End Cutter                104-0303
Dental Orthodontic Instrument Pliers Torque Bending Plier (Pair Tops)  104-0503

Please Be Aware
1. Use: All pliers should be used within the stipulated period, especially for orthodontic plier ,otherwise the pliers might be damaged.
2. Sterilization:High pressure sterilization rather than low temperature sterilization is suggested so that the pliers might not go blunt.
3. Clearance :Pliers should be cleaned immediately afte being used,otherwise they would discolor or be oxidized. Clear and clean pliers last long
4. Corrosion:The pliers have a strong resistance to corrosion,However ,they would go yellow and look like rusty if not cleansed ,Rust-preventive oil should be used in storing the pliers.


Orthodontische tang Orthodontische instrumenten

Vorige: Ligatuurdraadsnijder Tandheelkundige Orthodontische tang
Volgende: Draagbare 2,5 inch LCD-tandheelkundige röntgenfilmlezer M-188
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